About Us

who we are

We are the Savannah Professional Fire Fighters Association, proudly serving and keeping Savannah, Georgia safe. We proudly represent your hometown emergency responders who are highly trained and dedicated to your safety.

Fire fighters spraying water on a fire.

Our Foremost Priority: Community Safety

Central to our mission is the unwavering commitment to the safety of our community. The core of our mission is ensuring that each resident and visitor to Savannah feel safe, knowing that a skilled, professional, and highly dedicated team of firefighters is always ready to respond.

Cultivating Skill, Efficiency, and Friendships

In our continual pursuit of excellence, we believe in fostering a high degree of skill and competence among our members. Our Local is a platform where experience, knowledge, and proficiency are cultivated and honored. Through rigorous training and skill development programs, we ensure your firefighters have the most advanced tools and abilities to tackle any emergency proficiently.

But we are more than a collective of skilled fire fighters. The Savannah Fire Fighters place great importance on cultivating friendships, not just among our members, but extending with public officials and citizens alike. We believe that strong, cooperative relationships pave the way toward creating a resilient and safe community.

Building a Collaborative Experience

Our engagement doesn’t end with responding to emergencies. We aim to create a collaborative experience where the safety of Savannah isn’t merely a responsibility but a collective endeavor. By working hand-in-hand with public officials, citizens, and community stakeholders, we aim to establish initiatives and programs that prioritize preventive measures, community awareness and shared responsibility in maintaining a safe environment for all.

Join Us in Ensuring Savannah's Safety

Your Savannah Professional Fire Fighters Association invites you to join us in our commitment to safeguarding Savannah. Your personal involvement is in maintaining the safety and vibrancy of our beloved community.